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Read​y, Pet, Go!


No every-other-day visits

While your cat (or other pet) may be independent and not require much attention, any pet that we are entrusted to care for will be checked on at least once a day. Anything can happen, from an unexpected pet illness to a burst water pipe in your home. Ready, Pet, Go! cannot, in good conscience, allow anything unnecessarily horrific to happen on our watch by not making at least one daily stop by your home to check on all the critters and things. We require checking in on our feline clients at least once in a 24 hour period. And it is highly recommended that our canine clients have potty breaks and some exercise at least three times a day.


No "ignoring the cat" or similar requests

All of the animals in your household will receive attention if they live there, and we will require compensation for their care. Smaller animals that require minimal attention may be discounted depending on what is needed to be done to make sure they're happy. 

No "set in stone" times for visits

Ready, Pet, Go! will do its very best to accommodate any specific time requests, but due to a diversified group of clients with diversified needs for their pets, we cannot guarantee an exact time that we will stop by to take Rover out. You will be given a window of time and we will do our best to get to your home as close to your desired time as possible. 

No shared visits

It is easy to understand that you may wish to have a neighbor or family member stop by to also help out with the animals, however, we would prefer that not be the case. It is your home and, of course, you are welcome to do as you please, but we may ask you to sign a waiver indicating that Ready, Pet, Go! will not be held responsible if something should go wrong during another person's visit to your home.  

Cats should  be "indoor cats" while the owners are away

It will be much easier to check on your cat if we can find him or her. Even though she comes when you call her, it does not mean she will come when we call her. Please make sure kitty is indoors while you are away.

All pets must be up to date on vaccinations

This is very important for everyone involved. Please keep your pets' medical records current and available upon request. 

Meet and Greets

This is a free visit done for everyone to get acquainted. We like to do these as close to the start of service as possible. This is done so the pets will have an easier time remembering the sitter, resulting in less stress for the animals (and potentially the sitter). We also require two sets of keys (that will be securely guarded) to your home (and any other pertinent info for home entry) at this time. 

Keys and Home Entry

We require two keys for home entry (or if giving a garage door code, at least one actual key is required). We do NOT recommend leaving a key for us on your property. Please have keys (alarm info, garage codes, etc...) available for us at Meet and Greet. If a second visit is required to obtain keys, we will have to charge a fee. If a garage code is given, we must also have an actual key (please make sure it works) in case the power goes out, the garage door malfunctions, etc... If we cannot access your home due to failure of client providing a key, or malfunction of the door lock, etc..., we may need to call a locksmith for which you, the client, will be financially responsible.

Hot/Inclement Weather

Our main goal is to make sure your pets are safe and comfortable while in our care. If the weather is too extreme (hot, cold, icy, etc...) visits will be modified for their comfort. For instance, some dog breeds do not do well in the heat and humidity. On an unusually hot day, we will spend less time outside with them (go for a shorter walk, hopefully in the shade), and more time inside playing. 

In case of hurricanes or the occasional snow, we will do our absolute best to make every scheduled visit on time. If we know bad weather is expected, we will leave extra food, water, etc... We will update you by email, text, or phone if anything is impending. We will try, or ask you to try, to get in touch with your emergency contacts to make sure they are available if needed. It is also a good idea to leave a key with a neighbor just in case. 

Emergency Vet Care

If your pet requires emergency veterinary care while you are away, we will contact you first. If we are unable to reach you and your pet's condition cannot wait, we will take them to the best-suited treatment facility dependent on the situation. We will always try to seek medical care at your vet of choice when possible. All fees charged by the treating veterinary facility are the responsibility of you, the owner. 

A 50% deposit is required to reserve services booked over a holiday

Holidays are very busy times for pet sitters, with us often having to turn down clients, and we will need to have our schedules squared away. To encourage serious bookings only we will require a 50% deposit paid at the time of scheduling to secure your spot. *This deposit is non-refundable if service is cancelled less than seven days prior to the start date.   

(Holidays include New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.)


Payments for all services must be received by the last day of service (or on Friday of each week for weekly walks). We accept check, cash, and debit/credit card.

Pet Sitter Injury or Illness

In the event of injury or illness of your pet sitter, or other emergency situation where duties are unable to be performed, client authorizes Ready, Pet, Go! to arrange for a qualified back-up sitter to cover duties as agreed to.


Pictures of your pets

Client authorizes Ready, Pet, Go! to take photos of your pets for your files and to use on our website or social media pages. We will never use last names or addresses.